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Post Parade [Dec. 6th, 2004|05:17 pm]
Pit Players


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So our parade was yesterday. It wasn't that cold out, so I was happy about that. We were missing so many of the drumline though. Lisa, Alex, Jay, and Jenn didn't come, Eddy was sick, Dan had toe surgury, and Nick had a wedding, lol. We marched one snare, four bases, two cymbols, and me on the finger cymbols. It was pretty good, and we pulled it off with only a few minor problems, like Eric's harness falling apart while he was marching, lol, but the band parents fixed it. Mmm...then we got yummy snacks when we got back to the school, lol.

Just a note...other people can post...in fact...please post! Everyone keeps commenting, but if you have something to post, post it! lol..anyways, I gotta go.


[User Picture]From: pitgirlliz
2004-12-11 06:44 am (UTC)

hm... finger cymbals in a parade?

well, that's not as bad as at mr school. there isn't one percussionist on our band staff, so we have a french horn guy as our tech, and he knows NOTHING about percussion. So when our xmas parade came along, he put cymbal straps on our 400$ concert suspended cymbals, and said use these. and then, he realized we dont have enough cymbals for everyone, so he gave us xylophone mallets to beat our cymbals, (we carry the cymbal in our left hand, the mallet in our right) and he said use that. and then as if things were meant to be miserable, some DOISH bag who knows nothing about percussion and is only a percussionist because he got jaw surgery (he still looks like a freak, it was a corrective surgery and instead of him having his jaw jut out to the side, it juts straight out in your face, and he is whiter than paper and has worse acne than.... the person with the worst acne) so he cant play flute, he pointed out that there are TWO cymbal pitches, a high and a low, so the french hornist guy (davis, our ass. director) gave me and another cymbal player a half a high-hat each, and since there were no straps left, they were suspended by belts, and then he gave us bell mallets to beat them with. pretty queer, right? well, i snuck into the band room before he got there, and brought my own personal cymbal straps and crash cymbals, and i tied up two pairs of zildjian thin crashes (16 inches) and three pairs of paiste 18 inch marching crashes, and saved the day, basically. what would they do without me? lol oh! does anyone know how to fix up a drumset so you can go easily and quickly out of a tom ripple and into the high hat snare rhythm dundunGAHdundundunGAH-dun? lol, probably not... oh well... i'l figure it out
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