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[Dec. 28th, 2004|08:34 am]
Pit Players


(i posted this over at pit_kids too, so i appologize if you've already read it.)

Hey y'all. Hope everyone's holidays went well.

In the aftermath of christmas, i find myself with several checks from various relatives with no clue what to get me. I have decided with these checks to finally purchase some mallets of my own (i've been living off the schools for all my life.)

I was wondering, what are some good starters for someone planning to play in percussion ensembles in college? Like, what are some standard mallets i should have? I mostly play marimba, but occasionally xylo and bells, and rarely vibes. I dun like pedalling.

I'm looking mainly at getting Innovative Percussion, as that's what we use at school and they seem to hold up pretty well, but i'm open to suggestions of other fine companies.

Thanks for the advice,

[User Picture]From: holdmetootight
2004-12-28 07:31 am (UTC)
For marimba and xylophone, we use the vick firth mallets with the thread-like heads. I'm not really sure what they're called, but we have them in grey and black, and they're really pretty good. For bells, obviously some sort of brass mallets.

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[User Picture]From: 4_mallet_man
2005-01-25 06:05 pm (UTC)
vic firth may be the worst marimba mallets ever the string is horrible during one day of band camp they broke totally bad idea
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From: musicalweezy
2005-01-17 09:51 am (UTC)
I was feeling the exact same way you are, only this was around Thanksgiving and I was also living off the schools mallets, but they were vibes mallets, no real marimba mallets.
So I bought my first pair, and they too are Innovative percussion. THe ones I use are meduim hard, they are Innovative Percussion IP300. They are my favorite mallets. So I deffinately suggest Innovative Percussion.
But sooner or later you're gonna want all the other percussion mallets, if thats what your going to college for. I suggest getting atleast 1 pair of mallets for each thickness, like 1 soft, 1 medium and 1 hard. For marimba and vibes. Then hard plastic and some rubber ones for xylo and bells. Then you might wanna get chimes mallets, depending, but you can probabaly wait on those.
Oh and I suggest birch mallets, but I guess any other works, I was just told that birch is probably the best for marimba mallets because the rattan tends to warp when its hot and humid. Some other good brands are Vic Firth (Giff Howarth series) or just Vic Firth in general. Mike Balter is also good sometimes. Those are the vibes mallets that I use. I also have used Steve Weiss for xylo. And thats just to get started....lol.
I am also going to college for mallets, but I have to try out for all percussion like timpani and snare. That's what I am majoring in college, and I was figuring out about how much I am gonna have to spend on mallets and sticks and a few other things that I'm gonna need like a metronome, tuner, and a bag. It came out to about $1,000 and more. Well, I hope I helped.
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[User Picture]From: 4_mallet_man
2005-01-25 06:03 pm (UTC)
pit rocks we are the best people in band
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[User Picture]From: vibraphonerun
2005-02-17 04:49 pm (UTC)
I don't really play MArimba much, but I would go with IP-701s by Innovative percussion. They are very heavy, and good for less articulate more deep playing. They are also quite strong, and good for building chops. I am primarily a vibe player, and my all around favorite mallet is the IP-1006. They have a sound that just can't be beat. Many people dis my love of IP mallets, but I think even in the face of some of he more expensive brads out there they are great.
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