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My name is Theresa, and I started this community for anyone who's in a marching band Pit. I went searching on the site, and found so many communites for bands and drumlines, but couldn't find any for the Pit. So, I started one myself. Basically, anyone can join, and we're just here to help each other out, make new friends, offer suggestions for playing various instruments in the Pit, stuff like that.

A litte bit about me: I'm in my SWMHS Marching Unit, in the Pit. It's my second year, but I joined in 8th grade, so I'm a frosh this year. As for what I play, I've been playing piano since second grade, picked up mallets in sixth grade, taught myself recorder in seventh grade, and marched bass drum last year, but only for parades. My life would be totally empty without music in it!

I don't really want to impose a lot of rules, but to run smoothly there's got to be some. Failure to follow rules will result in a warning. You get one warning, and then you're out of the community. This is meant to be a peaceful, fun, entertaining place.

1. Respect other people's opinions. I don't care if you don't agree with them, but don't critisize them or what they think.

2. Don't curse. If there's one thing I hate, it's cursing.

3. Enjoy!

Anyways, like I said, we're just here to have fun, and maybe learn new things, make new friends, and what not. Hope you enjoy!

Love and Hugs,